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NOTE: Dates on all forms must be entered as follows:


                   January 1, 2018 = (01/01/2018) not: Jan. 1, 2018

Forms to be Used by Fiduciaries for Testate and Intestate Estates:

  1. List of Heirs (Form CC-1611 | Instructions)
  2. List of Heirs Real Estate Affidavit (Form CC-1612 | Instructions)
  3. Notice Regarding Qualification (Form CC-1616 | Instructions)
  4. Affidavit of Notice (Form CC-1617 | Instructions)
  5. Waiver of Notice of Probate or Qualification (Form CC-1618 | Instructions)
  6. Power of Attorney for New or Additional Bond (Form CC-1619 | Instructions)
  7. Probate Information Form (CC-1650 | Instructions)
  8. Memorandum of Fact-Probate (CC-1660)
  9. Inventory of Decedent’s Estate (Form CC-1670 | Instructions)
  10. Account for Decedent’s Estate (Form CC-1680 | Instructions | Sample)
  11. Statement In Lieu of Settlement of Account (Form CC-1681 | Instructions)
  12. Statement of Intent to File (Form)
  13. Estate Tax Certificate (Form)
  14. Sample Beneficiary Receipt (Form)
  15. Virginia Unclaimed Property (Form)
  16. Certificate of Trust (Form)
  17. Special Power of Attorney Beneficiary Receipt (Form)
  18. Specific Power of Attorney (Form)
  19. Distribution and Receipt (2 forms) for Transfer under the Uniform Transfers to Minors Act (Form)
  20. Affidavit for Attorney in Fact (Form)

Forms to be Used by Trustees:

  1. Trust Information Form (CC-1654 | Instructions)
  2. Memorandum of Facts-Trust (CC-1663)
  3. Inventory for Trust (Form CC-1673 | Instructions)
  4. Account for Trust (Form CC-1684 | Instructions | Sample)
  5. Certificate of Trust (Form)

Forms to be Used by Conservators:

  1. Report of Guardian for an Incapacitated Person (Form CC-1644)
  2. Incapacitated Adult Information Form (CC-1652 | Instructions)
  3. Memorandum of Facts Incapacitated Adult (CC-1661)
  4. Inventory for Estate of Incapacitated Adult (Form CC-1671 | Instructions)
  5. Account for Incapacitated Adult (Form CC-1682 | Instructions | Sample)
  6. Conservator Affidavit (Form)

Forms to be Used by Guardians:

  1. Inventory for Estate of a Minor (Form CC-1672 | Instructions)
  2. Account for Minor (Form CC-1683 | Instructions | Sample)

Forms to be used for Foreclosure:

  1. Bayview Loan Servicing Decision (Decision)
  2. Account of Foreclosure Sale (Form)
  3. Letter to Trustees (Form)
  4. Comparative Appendix A for changes in new Title 55.1 compared to old Title 55 (Comparative Table A)
  5. Comparative Appendix B for changes in old Title 55 compared to new Title 55.1 (Comparative Table B)
  6. Former Title 55 sections moved to other Titles (Comparative Table C)

       1. Henrico Order for Commissioner of Accounts Fees (effective 7/1/2017)

Link: (Order of the Henrico Circuit Court).