Statutory Duties of a Guardian of a Minor’s Property

Section 64.2-1800 Code of Virginia (1950), sets forth duties of the guardian of the property of a minor.

The guardian shall have possession, care, and management of the minor’s estate, real and personal and, after first taking into account the minor’s other sources of income, support rights and other reasonably available resources of which the guardian is aware, shall provide for the minor’s health, education, maintenance and support from the income of such estate and, if income is not sufficient, from the corpus thereof.

However, if the Guardian of the property of a minor is a natural parent, there are strict limitations on the use of the minor’s assets. The natural parent has a legal duty to support the minor and may not, without approval of the Circuit Court or the Commissioner of Accounts, use the minor’s assets for the support of the minor. See “Expenditures” under this heading.