Additional Estate Resources

The following resources are available and may be used by fiduciaries in addition to professional legal advice:

  1. Sections 64.2-200 through 64.2-619, Code of Virginia (1950), as amended.
  2. Virginia Probate Handbook (2014-2015 Edition), Frank O. Brown, Jr., Esq. (Henrico County Court Library);
  3. Harrison on Wills (4th edition), James P. Cox, III, Editor (Henrico County Court Library);
  4. Estate and Trust Administration, James P. Cox, III (Henrico County Court Library);
  5. Manual for Commissioners of Accounts (Fifth Edition) (Available at the University of Richmond law library) (also available for purchase through the Virginia Law Foundation Continuing Legal Education Committee).
  6. Estate administration attorneys (check online listings for specialties of lawyers).
  7. Certified Public Accounts (check online listings under accountants)
  8. (obtaining federal ID number for the estate)
  9. The Supreme Court of Virginia website for fiduciary forms (all filing forms required by an administrator or executor)
  10. Office of Henrico County Commissioner of Accounts, (804) 346-4700.
  11. for tax assessed value of Henrico County real estate (click on “Real Estate Property Information).