Commissioner’s Fees

The fee of the Commissioner’s office associated with the inspection, approval and recordation of an inventory for a minor, as set by order of the Henrico Circuit Court, is currently $55.00 irrespective of the value of the minor’s estate. A filing fee charged by the Clerk of Court of $18.00 on a normal inventory (less than 10 pages) results in a total payable to the Commissioner of $73.00 to be paid with the filing of the inventory.

Note: All fees payable to the Commissioner as well as the Clerk’s filing fees, are payable to the “Commissioner of Accounts”, in one check, including the Clerk’s filing fees.


The fees of the Commissioner’s office for the audit, approval and recordation of an account for a minor’s estate vary depending on the total value of the minor’s assets under the control of the Guardian as follows:


ASSETS                                    FEE

0           –  $50,000                   $135.00 plus clerk’s fees

50,001   –  100,000                  $220.00 plus clerk’s fees

100,001 –  200,000                  $275.00 plus clerk’s fees

200,001 –  300,000                  $350.00 plus clerk’s fees

300,001 –  500,000                  $400.00 plus clerk’s fees

500,001 –  700,000                  $475.00 plus clerk’s fees

700,001 – 1,000,000                $550.00 plus clerk’s fees

Above     1,000,000                 $550.00 plus .0005 in excess of $1,000,000

                                                        + 5.00 Mailing

                                                        plus clerk’s fees


The fee is calculated based on the market value of the beginning assets, plus receipts, capital gains and adjustments, without reduction for liens or encumbrances.